United Parcel Service (UPS) is a global leader in the package delivery business and a provider of supply chain management solutions.
Headquartered in U.S. but with a world-wide presence, the logistics company is known for its emblematic brown trucks.
Working with UPS is a challenging but also an exciting task. The brand is traditional and conservative but still needs to have a fresh, elegant and trustworthy-looking identity. The cases below are a handful of projects developed in the Europe Region as currently, I’m a part of their Communication Team as Designer and Creative Advisor for the European Area.

UPS Media Day Europe

Every year UPS invites the journalists and editors from the main media channels in Europe and Asia for a press conference.
In that event the PR executives release the main goals, milestones and initiatives UPS is planning for the year.
I created a Visual Identity system for the event to be used in goodies, official documents, etc.
The idea was to have something to be used along with the UPS logo, like a complementary mark.


POTOS Project

Pulse of the Online Shopper (POTOS) Project is a biennial study run by UPS about new insights around E-commerce and the E-shopper.
In 2017 I worked on the E-Book, the Printed version of the Study and the Digital Marketing Campaign for the project.






Social Media Campaigns


UPS Europe (@ups_europe) on Instagram: "Deliver love - every day, every way. Happy #ValentinesDay from all of us at UPS to you and your loved ones."



Major French automobile manufacturer, Citroën is a worldwide brand known for the quality of its cars.
Back in 2014 the company had a new goal in the Brazilian market: to improve the Brand Experience among the current and potential customers. It built the "Citroën Experience Centre" in São Paulo, which was the first project like this outside of France.

The place was a versatile cultural center that incorporated a bar, a restaurant, a book store and an area for events and artistic attractions. Over the course of the project we worked for the creative agency Gragnani. We developed the creative concept for many of their events like exhibitions, events, concerts, etc. Have a look below:


Coffee Table Book

Art Direction for the coffee table book about the "Citroën Experience Centre".


Sabine Weiss Event

Visual Direction for the launching of the exhibition "Sabine Weiss: Fotógrafa da Emoção" at "Citroën Experience Centre" in São Paulo

adesivo vitrine.jpg